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JC Staff Picnic

For the third year running, we hosted our annual JC Comtech picnic for our staff and their families. Catching the last of the lovely weather, we enjoyed games, catching up, food, laughter and lots of dogs!

Photo Credit - Luke Maddieson and his AMAZING drone skills!

Please Welcome Aboard to JCC...

Jack Luther

We would like to introduce you to our newest recruit Jack, who joins us as an I.T.Field Technician. With previous education experience, Jack brings us a wealth of customer service skills and knowledge.

Alongside working for us, Jack has also just finished his training to be an on call Fire Fighter. Therefore, on his days off Jack will be busy helping our local community.

We hope you will welcome Jack into your schools to enable him to become another asset to the JC Team.

Jack Luther


It's easy to use images and content off the Internet - just right click and copy - easy - 'Yes', is it legal - likely 'no'.

Copyright exists on all published content and the author will either grant usage rights or not. Please be careful when looking for free content for your projects.
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Ensure you use 'paid for' content providers which will grant the correct licenses - like Shutterstock - Stock Images, Photos, Vectors, Video, and Music | Shutterstock or free sites like Pixabay - 2.6 million+ Stunning Free Images to Use Anywhere - Pixabay.

Staying the right side of copyright ensures you don't get caught and possibly face a fine.
There are some exemptions for education, so to stay up to date with the legislation, check out the Copyright Act - Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 - Consolidated (publishing.service.gov.uk)
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Following the recent news about a Norfolk High School involved in a data breach, now would be a great time to review how confidential data and general communication is shared with members of your school.
Why not think about using Teams and Sharepoint instead of email? Changing to these methods greatly reduces the risk of data breaches and accidental broadcast of information.
Talk to us today to show you how to move over to modern methods of working.

Cyber Security & GDPR

A large and very important part of our service we provide is to ensure your system integrity and security. In line with Cyber Security recommendations and GDPR, it is our policy to not hand out the Global Administrative password for your systems. This is primarily to protect the system from being damaged or compromised in any way.

Quite often third party suppliers require access to install software or make changes. However quite often those changes or install may not take into account the configuration that's in place and could end up breaking or causing issues.

To enable us to maintain those integrity values, it is highly recommended that we be onsite to assist in those installs or changes so we can evaluate and check to make sure nothing goes wrong.

All of our engineers and technicians are trained to provide support in the best possible way and ensure your school stays within the GDPR rules.
Giving us as much notice as possible will ensure we can arrange for someone to be onsite for you to assist.
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