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iPads For Education

Are you considering buying hand held devices for your teaching staff and or classes? Here are a few reasons why we suggest iPads for your needs:
  • Apple products have a longevity of 5-7 years, while the range of Android varies widely.
  • The hardware specification is the major factor with Android, as there are a lot of Android devices on the market and some of which are appealing in price but the trade-off is quality and optimisation.
  • To ensure efficient device management for both Android and Apple devices, Android has certain restrictions when compared to Mosyle Manager (for Apple), which offers a more user-friendly experience and is utilised in the majority of our schools.
  • The applications are tailored for iPads, while Android utilises manufacturer apps, leading to more pronounced variations in hardware optimisation, especially on lower-end devices.
Contact Emma on 01603 810343 or finance@jccomtech.com to receive a bespoke quote today for a class set of iPads.

BETT 2024

BETT (British Educational Training and Technology Show) is the largest educational technology exhibition globally. It gathers educators from various sectors of education along with over 500 innovative EdTech and resource solution providers. They present cutting-edge products and services that make a significant impact.

Following a fruitful visit to the show last month by Kathy and Emma, we have established a partnership with Lenovo and engaged with Zioxi, HP, and Sign in app to secure future partnerships that will benefit our schools. Our mission is always to bring the best and most cost effective products to our customers.

Furthermore, we explored the latest offerings from all interactive screen manufacturers to stay updated on their capabilities. SMART has confirmed that free training will be provided to all schools, allowing educators to fully utilise the features of their screens and make the most of Lumio for teaching purposes.

Spam Emails

We have recently discovered that once again, several of our schools are being targeted by unwanted phishing emails. Unfortunately, completely eliminating spam is not possible. The continuous evolution of spam tactics enables it to circumvent filters, regardless of their strength. It is essential to remain vigilant and cautious.

The current emails targeting schools contain a PDF document with the subject 'Confidential Document...' or similar. Clicking on it can compromise your email account, leading to the sending of more similar emails to your contacts, exacerbating the issue.

If you receive an email that seems suspicious, refrain from opening it and delete it promptly. Additionally, if you suspect your account has been compromised, change your password and notify us immediately.
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