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Welcome Back!

We hope you had a relaxing break and are ready to tackle the new term with enthusiasm. We have a variety of fresh and thrilling prospects lined up for us this year.

A Festive Staff Party to Remember

As the year came to a close, we wanted to celebrate our team's hard work with an unforgettable Christmas party. Our employees and their partners enjoyed some well-deserved downtime and a chance to show off their competitive spirit!
The Great Yarmouth Greyhound Racing track was the perfect venue for our spectacular evening. Delicious food, plenty of laughter, and creative dog names like "BarryBeerGoggles" made for an unforgettable night.

Welcome Aboard Matthew!

Introducing Matthew Freshwater, our New IT Field Technician

We are excited to announce that Matthew has recently joined our team at JCC, bringing his expertise as a Computer Networks graduate. As an IT Field Technician, he'll work closely with Arran, Nik and Chris B, while simultaneously collaborating with our engineers at various schools to gain experience and knowledge. Please join us in welcoming Matthew to our growing team!

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